The Simulation

The laboratory contains the Control Room Use Simulation Environment (CRUSE) which simulates a submarine control room with specific consoles.

The console, their configuration, and human-machine interface (HMI) are developed in close collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Group.

The Control Room Use Simulation Environment or CRUSE is used for experiments investigating both individual and team cognition. Of particular interest are workload, situation awareness, performance and distributed cognition. Participants are trained extensively on the console, its ‘buttonology’, and its purpose within the wider sociotechnical system.

We use a range of methods to measure cognition, including the Air Traffic Workload Input Technique or ATWIT (Stein, 1985 – for measuring workload), the Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique or SAGAT (Endsley, 1988 – for measuring situation awareness), the Situation Present Assessment Method or SPAM (Durso & Dattel, 2004 – for measuring situation awareness and workload), and physiological measures such as skin conductance and heart rate variability using Biopac.

Participants at work

Detection response task using tactile stimuli (on ankle) and foot pedal input

Biopac receiver

Biopac wireless transmitters

Optronics operator manually estimating the ATB

Undertaking periscope tasks