Ten simple rules for new graduate students


I have attended some workshops that I found very helpful.  Some of the material presented are given here.


1. Ten simple rules for graduate students

A great introduction into being a graduate student.  The short article was written by Jenny Gu and Philip Bourne in 2007 and can be accessed here.  Or download the PDF file (23 Kb) below.


Choosing to go to graduate school is a major life decision. Whether you have already made that decision or are about to, now it is time to consider how best to be a successful graduate student. Here are some thoughts from someone who holds these memories fresh in her mind (JG) and from someone who has had a whole career to reflect back on the decisions made in graduate school, both good and bad (PEB). These thoughts taken together, from former student and mentor, represent experiences spanning some 25 or more years. For ease, these experiences are presented as ten simple rules, in approximate order of priority as defined by a number of graduate students we have consulted here in the US; but we hope the rules are more globally applicable, even though length, method of evaluation, and institutional structure of graduate education varies widely. These rules are intended as a companion to earlier editorials covering other areas of professional development

Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students




2. The care and maintenance of your supervisor

One of the most important relationships in your graduate work will be the one between you and your supervisor/advisor.  A one page article from Nature magazine (Jan, 2011) summarises what you need to do.

Kearns, H. and Gardiner, M. 2011. The care and maintenance of your adviser. Nature, 469. p 570.




3. The importance of stupidity in scientific research

A nice one page essay on how dong a PhD can make you feel stupid….and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Schwarz, M. 2008. The importance of feeling stupid in scientific research. Journal of Cell Science, 121, p1771.


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