Get Involved!

Calling for crew members to patrol the waters off Rottnest in a submarine!

Learn how to be part of a submarine crew in our submarine control room simulator. Take on the role of a Sonar operator, a contact analyst, or even a periscope operator. Participants will learn how to work as a team to keep their submarine safe, undetected and to carry out the given mission. No prior experience or any knowledge of submarines is required!

This exciting study is being held on the Crawley campus and examines teamwork and team performance in a complex control room environment. The experiment asks participants to commit a full day (0800 to 1700). During this time, you will be trained in your role, then complete two scenarios under conditions typical of that expected for real submariners. The simulation has been developed by the Defence Science and Technology Group with guidance from Royal Australian Navy submariners.

Participants will receive a small remuneration ($10 per hour) to compensate them for their time, effort and travel expenses. Participants who are not students of UWA must be 18 years old or over. Participants cannot be colour-blind. The study is being run Sep – Nov 2018.

The experiment runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am to 5pm for the months of October and November. If you are on the UWA community SONA system, you can sign up here. If not, contact me to arrange a time that would suit you (