September 10, 2012

Endnote that travels with you

by stef
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Okay, so if you use Endnote to manage all your references, and you work from more than one computer, then this may help.

You can combine Dropbox and Endnote to work on your document wherever you are, just as long as the computer you are working from has Endnote and Dropbox installed.  The computers can be PC or Macs.  I work on a PC at Uni and a Mac at home.  This has worked for me without any problems.

In a nutshell you just drop your Endnote library into a dropbox folder, and point your Endnote default library to that location.  Before you start though, be aware of the risks (see step 6).


Here are the steps:

1. Install Dropbox.  Create a folder.  Name it appropriately.  Something like ‘Endnote files’ will do.

2. Assuming you already have Endnote installed, you will need to find the Library and data files.  Use Explorer in windows to find them and Finder in Mac.

3. Copy and paste these folders into the Dropbox folder you have created.

4. Open Endnote.  In Mac, open the library and have it point to the new one in Dropbox.  Click Open.  This should be similar on PC.

5. Do the same on your other computer.  Endnote will then point the library to this folder now.  I always use the Open Library option though, so I am sure that the Dropbox library is being used.  As you work and gather more references, you can add them as you normally would, and this updates the Dropbox library.  They will be available to use at which ever computer you have.

6. BACK UP.  Back up these folders to the hard drive of the computer you are working on.  Back up regularly.  I back up in three different places, the two computers I use, and a thumbdrive.  There is always a risk that the library can become corrupt and this has been mentioned in Dropbox and Endnote forums.  If you back up regularly and keep the backups, you should be able to retrieve your library if the worst happens.

I have been using this system for the last 6 months across a PC and a Mac with over 200 references, most of which have the accompanying PDF files attached.  I have had no problem.  However I still back up.

For the risks associated with doing this you may want to check out the Google search results.



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